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Formula Fed Bovine Calf Serum

In 2012, BioArra expanded its operations by opening a facility in Pennsylvania where we are dedicated to producing high quality, semi-processed (unfiltered) BCS.


All blood used for BCS production is from clinically healthy calves of USA origin. These calves are raised on a USDA verified formula diet and are approximately 22 weeks old.


All blood is collected hygienically via direct puncture of the jugular vein in a dedicated blood collection area.


The production of Bovine Calf Serum is done in a USDA approved facility. Serum separation and purification is done using single use consumables which eliminate cleaning and drying requirements. This reduces bacterial contamination.


We produce semi-processed, unfiltered BCS.


Each of our serum batch sizes consist of a single days production which allows for enhanced traceability of our products. BioArra systems are based on the traceability guidelines provided by the International Serum Industry Association (ISIA), and all of our serum can be traced to the originating slaughter facility.


Our serum contains no additives or preservatives and is frozen immediately upon production.


We currently package our product in 6 Liter volumes; typical sales volumes range from 2000 to 12000 Liters.
*Other packaging sizes can also be accommodated


Customer samples are available free of charge prior to purchase.


Our serum prices and terms are variable depending on the volume and product shipment frequency you require. We are open to contractual supply and happy to accommodate your individual requirements.

Please contact us today to discuss your serum needs!

Serum Bottle Vial of Serum Pouring