BioArra, the media for growing people and developing quality products that serve the planet.

Company Background

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Pennsylvania, BioArra is the leading producer of exceptional quality serum. From our various USDA approved locations, we produce semi-processed serum used to meet the needs of our valued customers in Research and Development, Pharmaceutical, and Biotechnology industries, both domestic and abroad.

BioArra was founded according to ethical business practices based on integrity, trust, and respect. This ethical business foundation has ensured lasting relationships with our existing customers, and BioArra will continue to exemplify this strong foundation in our business operations.

It is our objective to provide exceptional customer service in all aspects of our business, and we believe our customer focus is the cornerstone for our continued marketing success. Our consistency combined with our acute attention to detail and thorough understanding of the industry makes us your first choice serum provider.


BioArra is the media that supports the growth of both its people and products in a manner that ensures we are able to provide consistent, reliable, and quality products and services to our customers and partners in the Life-Science community.

2016 Vision

Together, we will live our values, improve our communications, and show who we are as the BioArra team. We want to be intentional about building the foundation needed for our continued growth and success. The measure of success is how others experience us.

E.P.I.C.C. Core Values

Excellence:We strive for perfection in all things we do. Through continuous improvement of our products, processes, and services, we aim to fulfill all of our customer and stakeholder needs. We are driven by the desire for our company to achieve outstanding quality while utilizing innovative methods to achieve our goals the right way.

People:BioArra recognizes that its real competitive advantage is its people, and we can only succeed as a unified team. We all agree to treat our colleagues with respect, empathy, and compassion in all interactions. We strive to support each other so we can maintain a work-life balance. Each team member understands that our full and effective contribution is needed to make BioArra awesome and we are accountable for the role we play in the BioArra family.

Integrity:Our behaviors are designed to lead by example, and we strive to do the right thing without exception. We operate with fairness and honesty, and take in to account the effect we have on others at all times. We believe in being the advocates for the behavior we want to see in the world.

Communication:We aim to include by collaborating across all organizational levels to ensure each employee is part of the BioArra Team. Through effective listening, we show respect and trust to our colleagues, customers, and partners, and we strive for open, productive, and empowering communication.

Challenge / Growth:We strive to grow our depth and span as individuals, and as a result, the company as a whole. We achieve this through challenge at all levels, including technical aptitude, emotional and relational ability, leadership skills, process improvement, and ultimately, profit. We believe that the cornerstone of learning is constructive feedback, and we invest in processes that develop us on both individual and organizational levels.